al-Haura' Maqsurah.

This is my journey from Allah to Allah. Walking with all I might, searching for the one and truly light. Build up the cracked hopes. Repair the broken hearts. Take some and throw some. Put all the pieces back. This is part of the life. Through ups and downs, shall I be tough. I will fight with all my heart. I will try with all I might. 

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Just a thought of mine.
Saturday, 9 November 2013 | 01:37 | 1COMMENTS

In the names of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

Just a thought of mine.

Let the words say it all.
Let the words unite us all.
Let the words bring peace to mind.
Let the words kept us remind.
In syaa Allah.

Why you wear scarf when others don't? 
Because I'm a Muslim. 

Why you pray when others don't? 
Because I'm a Muslim 

Why they wear shorts, and you cover it all? 
Because I'm a Muslim 


It's all because we are Muslims. 

I am. 
You are. 
They are. 
We are.

It's like a school.
 Who study will achieves good marks. 
Who don't will simply failed. 
And that's why we're doing those things that some people don't. 

 Because we're Muslims. 
And being a Muslim means that we must play a part. 


 Whenever we are and wherever we go. 

Doesn't mean when we go to western country we can wear shorts. 
Doesn't mean we can throw our scarves and die our hair blonde. 

Islam is in our vein. 
We bring it along with us every time, 
every moment, 
every step, 
every journey, 
every day, 
every night, 
every hour, 
every second! 


Most people wanna die as a Muslim.
Alhamdulillah. That's good. 

But ask again, 
have we lived as a Muslim? 

Don't look others. 
Look at ourselves. 

Have we? 

(special reminder to myself.)
In syaa Allah.
May Allah bless us all.