al-Haura' Maqsurah.

This is my journey from Allah to Allah. Walking with all I might, searching for the one and truly light. Build up the cracked hopes. Repair the broken hearts. Take some and throw some. Put all the pieces back. This is part of the life. Through ups and downs, shall I be tough. I will fight with all my heart. I will try with all I might. 

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Just be yourself; you are wonderful ^^.
Monday, 19 November 2012 | 07:49 | 0COMMENTS
With the names of Allah the Almighty.
Salam 'alaik dear avid readers.
hey, i'm writing in english today! what a surprise! yes, i dont believe it either. well, ignore that and proceed your reading. haha. nahhh, i'm just practising my english and all that cos it's been almost 2 weeks since i left school and i believe my english just getting worse. O Allah, help me to come up with the solution ~~~ well, my dad even asked me to read english novelss. but.. i'm not really a big fan of that THICK book that you carry around almost everywhere you go, i'm not that kind of person, thats it. but i wish i was like that.. well doesnt it get on your nerves when you saw people reading and you went back home and picked up random books trying to read like them and you found it very boring for the first ten seconds? yes, i'm more that kind of person. cool :)

okay, enough.. i just realize how bad i am writing in english. it's really obvious. well, i think writing in english is not a good idea after all. hmmph. yes, im bad but i know that He knows im trying! yesss. He knows. see, i know i'm bad in fact i'm terrible! but. you see.. this is what we called as 'trying' isnt it? you could never figure out something till you give it a try, right?

Dear friend, i know by the fact that writing in english people might see you as a 'show-off' person cos you know 'bajet la pulakk!' right? but who cares? they don't belong to us! they dont own us, and most important is that this is our lives. is not that we do something wrong.. is just that we know we have the ability to be at the peak of mountain, and stand up proudly because of who we are. Remember, those perspective that we get from people is not important but Allah's is.

just be yourself; you're wonderful <3

just be yourself; you're wonderful <3